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It all started with a young man, namely, Tayyab Hassan working as a Professor in an International University whilst working as a WordPress Website Developer online and at a local software house… 3 Jobs don’t come that easy. It was like working 9 am to 11 pm. But he had help when it came to online working and at the local software house. A young graduate, namely, Miss Ushna Umar came to be partners with Mr. Tayyab Hassan. How? well she had been working in the field of animations and studying at the same time for the past 2 years. There they met and realized how their minds and thoughts on independency are alike. Not to mention how they both wanted to make the lives of their clients easier and help provide exceptional service. This was the beginning… they both got to work and dream’t of having their own business where one day they would be able to help clients and provide as much ease as possible. One thing led to another and they both observed one thing that there is a need in the market for people who really know what they are doing and not faking their experience, portfolio’s or even their testimonials. Now we aren’t here to point anyone out but this is the reality of the IT world we live in today. So they set out to form their own little company where promises would be fulfilled, quality work would be provided for real and where mediocre expectations would be raised. And this is it; the birth of Falcon Technologies and if you are reading this, rest assure;

You Can Forget Mediocre Expectations!

Working 24-7 to Fulfill All Promises Made!

Working hard n fast for Over 7 years

The journey from the birth of Falcon Technologies to the point where we have 1000+ prestigious clients all over the World is our greatest motivation. We are here to help you get the valuable service you deserve in an affordable and proficient manner.   

Our Mission

Striving to help and provide quality work for each and every person that comes to us. Our mission to stop falsehood and provide the real value to our clients in terms of service. 

Our Vision

Establishing a platform where people visit knowing that they would receive nothing less than the best. They would know what to expect and what they deserve. We would help them Forget Mediocre Expectations!

Our Team of Experts

The building blocks of Falcon Technologies

Ushna Umar

Founder, CEO & Animator

Tayyab Hassan

Founder, CEO & Web Developer

Abdul Ghafoor

Managerial Director

M Zeeshan Fayyaz

Senior Manager & Web Team Lead

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