Parking Barrier System

It is essential to have parking barriers in place because they serve an important function in controlling vehicle entry and exit into specific areas. In busy areas, they play an important role in providing security, keeping traffic flowing smoothly, and preventing unauthorized access.

Moreover, parking barriers can also be used to reserve spots for specific individuals or groups, such as high-level executives, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.

What are the benefits of installing car park barriers on your property?
Prevents trespassers

The biggest cause of fire in the workplace is arson, so preventing unauthorized access should be a priority.  Car park barriers restrict access to employees only, using a code or pass. Identifying employees parked on site will also allow you to stop and identify anyone trying to gain access without permission.

Protects the car park from overcrowding

When a fire occurs, an overflow of cars can be dangerous in a car park, which can prevent an evacuation. Having too many cars blocking the parking lot can prevent emergency services and authorized persons from accessing the building in case of an accident.

Premises safety

Car park barriers provide additional security for your premises, ensuring employee safety. Barriers in parking lots prevent unauthorized people from accessing the premises, making people feel more comfortable so they can focus on their work.

Stopping through-traffic

It is dangerous for drivers to use your premises as a shortcut, causing unnecessary levels of traffic through your car park. Through-traffic can be eliminated with a barrier, creating a safer zone with fewer accidents. Less through-traffic means less risk for evacuating employees, and the fire services can reach your premises faster than in a fire.

With Falcon Technologies' car parking barriers, you can reduce the risk of criminals setting foot on your premises and create a safer working environment for your business.

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