Time Attendance System

Real-time tracking of employees is one of the most valuable assets for business owners. As a result, they'll be able to see who works and what hours are being worked. With a complete range of Auto Identification Solutions in the UAE, Falcon Technologies is the market leader in this field.

With our ID Card Issuance System, Time & Attendance System, Access Control System, and Software, we help businesses become more efficient. Access control, CCTV, and time and attendance management systems are among the primary solutions Falcon Technologies offers. 

An effective way to manage employee attendance is provided by these attendance systems, which are essential for today's organizations. A time and attendance management system automates the process of managing attendance and payroll, requiring fewer human resources.

A leading supplier of technologically advanced access controls, Falcon Technologies provides RFID, biometrics, time attendance, gate barriers, and turnstiles in UAE. 

Why Time Attendance Is Important?

Boost productivity: A seamless process increases productivity and streamlines day-to-day operations. The employees arrive at work on time and close on time. To manage operations more effectively, managers are provided with timely data.

A higher return on investment: With biometric time clocks, businesses can achieve positive ROI by eliminating buddy punching and other problems associated with traditional time and attendance systems that cause businesses to unnecessarily lose money.

Save more: Your labor costs can be immediately reduced by implementing a biometric time and attendance solution. A time and attendance solution can increase efficiency and save companies money.

Increased job satisfaction: Biometric time clocks alert you when staff is working excessively over time, facilitating more equitable workload distribution. Thus, employees do not feel overburdened. Working overtime will be noticed, so they can feel confident.

Biometric Time Attendance System 

Workplaces can boost employee performance and manage their workforce with biometric attendance machines that include payroll software and time attendance software. A customized solution is also available from Falcon Technologies based on our customer's requirements and budget.

In the case that our standard biometric products (such as Fingerprint Attendance Machines and Biometric Machines) don't meet their initial requirements, it may help them to fulfill their purpose efficiently.

Usernames and passwords will soon be extinct. Implementing biometric attendance readers will also enable you to manage shifts, holidays, and leaves, as well as manage statutory compliances with payroll software.

Consolidated data: Biometric attendance machines help to centralize data at the head office with multiple installations across the places.

Timely data: You can get real-time data from biometric attendance systems via data push technology, as well as their notification via email.

Proxies cannot punch: Biometrics is a physiological characteristic of every human being, so cheating on an attendance machine is impossible.

Compilation of payroll: employee time attendance can be linked to payroll software, which processes every employee's salary every month with a single click.

Enhance the productivity of your employees and assets by investing in Falcon Technologies!



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