When planning for security, business owners must address risks and protect against vulnerabilities without inconveniencing their teams or users. 

It is important to control access for security reasons. It reduces the risk of unauthorized intrusion, while making access convenient for authorized users and approved visitors to a building and its occupants. 

Additionally, these techniques can be beneficial. Here are the top five reasons why building security needs an access control system.

Enhanced security
The access control system allows security professionals to better manage who can enter a property or building. Users can more easily limit access to buildings and spaces that are restricted for security reasons by presenting credentials when entering. 

Users are authenticated using key cards, biometrics, or mobile credentials to identify themselves. 

Today's workplaces require this modern technology to ensure their security. The use of electronic systems has generally replaced the use of mechanical lock and key systems, which could provide limited security and were expensive to operate.

Security and convenience are equally important to everyone. It is necessary for authorized users, such as office employees or tenants of multi-unit apartment buildings, to be able to enter buildings easily without unnecessary restrictions. A visitor or delivery staff must also be able to easily access the facility. 

There are two requirements that this technology meets. Keys can be easily lost or forgotten, so electronic credentials are more convenient. Access control system for remote operation has become even more important with the advent of the cloud: users can now open the door remotely via a secure browser or app. 

Manage access easily 
Security management also relies on the access control system. When users join or leave, security professionals no longer have to issue or recall keys. Databases are kept up-to-date and secure by automatic synchronization with identity provider software. 

Using a single credential, they can also provide individual users with different levels of access according to their role or privilege. By hosting this in the cloud, security professionals can monitor and manage the system remotely, allowing for greater operational flexibility.

Integration made easier
With an access control system built on software, it becomes obvious why it is so essential to building a seamless and comprehensive solution. Access solutions provide even greater protection when integrated with other security systems. 

It is possible to integrate this technology with video security cameras, intrusion detection alarms, and motion sensors to provide security professionals with a 360-degree picture of activity throughout a building. As a result, situational awareness and incident response are improved.

Data and information
The access control system is also important because of data. All entry activity is recorded along with identifying information. It helps security professionals identify potential incidents. During an evacuation, teams can also compile a complete list of building occupants. 

Using access system data, property managers can plan how to make the most efficient use of resources. The data also assists building managers in automating heating, lighting, and ventilation levels based on occupancy levels.

Access control system is essential for your business and your home
It is essential for every business to understand the importance of an access control system. Intruders and breaches of entry can pose risks to your property, your people, and sensitive data, but security management can be simplified and improved as well. 

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