A major concern for any business, or at home is security and safety. Falcon Technologies understands this intimately.

As a SIRA Approved Dubai Based company, Falcon Technologies CCTV Installation Solutions provides a complete range of security solutions that includes IT-enabled surveillance equipment and security systems for your residential and commercial properties.

Falcon Technologies offers Security Cameras Installation and Maintenance for a wide range of premises such as Shopping Malls, Commercial Complexes, Homes, Apartments, Schools, Hotels, and Public Places.

Falcon Technologies CCTV Solutions are  SIRA approved!

An agency of the Dubai government, SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority), oversees, regulates, and approves all security measures and installations. It is a requirement for managing a security company in Dubai-UAE, whether it is for guards or IT security.

SIRA has accredited Falcon Technologies for our security arrangements.

Having a well-trained team is important to us. All the latest technologies are used in our installation and maintenance services. Upon surveying your location, we design, implement, and maintain a tailor-made security plan. 

When we handle your security needs, you can live or work in peace. The high level of security we provide makes us one of the top security companies in the UAE!

By offering an extensive range of security services, our expertise, and our dedication to excellence, we can ensure the safety and security of you and your property.



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